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Origomi - Eric Gjerde's weblog on Origami & etc.

Origomi: Eric Gjerde's discussion and thoughts on origami, paperfolding, and tessellations.

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weird hex box thing

weird hex box thing
Originally uploaded by Origomi.
I came up with this thing last night- I think it can be "towerized". the bottom came together nicely in a spiral sort of way, and the extra fold along the edges made a locking edge to make it stay together. take a look at the back side of it on the flickr photostream.

I steamed it over the kettle and it got all hot inside- it made me think of dumplings and I got all hungry! but it's not a tasty treat, unfortunately. and I can't fold dumplings well to save my life- the last time we folded up a bunch of gyoza it took me several hours to get a groove going without making a mess.

ah, but the steaming bit didn't help it harden up. it was worth a shot, anyway. I'll have to try using some thicker paper and see what happens.
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